Groups & Short Courses

A changed life begins with changed thinking.


For most Christians, meeting regularly in small groups provides the fuel for their Christian life. It’s where we can wrestle with the Bible, ask questions, and be open about our lives.

We have many groups meeting in different locations during the week. For more information about our groups, please contact us.

Short Courses

Sometimes a short course is just the boost we need to take that next step in our understanding what God has done for us thorugh Jesus and our response to his love.

We run occasional short courses on a variety of topics designed to boost your understanding, clear away misconceptions and strengthen your thinking. As our thinking changes, our attitudes and behaviour also changes. In this way we grow in godly character and in good deeds.

Courses include the Newcomers Course, The Life of Jesus, Christianity for Life, and The Bible Overview. Please contact us for more information.