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God brings people into relationship with himself through Jesus. And he draws people to each other too. This is called church, when followers of Jesus gather together, to encourage each other, help, support and love one another.

Wherever you are in your understanding of who God is and what he has done for you through Jesus, you are welcome to come to church. People ask questions, explore and wrestle with the truth, and live out the new community that God has made us to be.

There are many ways you can connect to the people of our church. Our 5 Sunday congregations meet in 3 different locations across the parish and we have a range of mid-week activities for all ages. You’ll be welcome at our all our church gatherings, big or small.

Baptism/Christening and Thanksgiving service information is here.

Info for Kids & Youth activities is here.

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Sunday Services

St Judes Dural 8am 10am and 6pm

Christchurch Kenthurst 9:30am

St Columb’s Arcadia 9:30am

Each of our gatherings are a little different. But at one there’s always people with a warm welcome. There will be music and singing, prayer, a reading from the Bible and a talk.

Jesus Christ

A friend once said if you know two words you know the essence of Christianity. Those 2 words are: Jesus Christ. The name “Jesus” means “God’s rescuer”, the one who saves from sin. “Christ” is a title rather than a name, and it means “the anointed one”, God’s appointed ruler. A Christian is someone who truly recognises that Jesus is God’s appointed ruler and rescuer for humanity, and responds accordingly.

The best way to investigate the Christian faith for yourself would be to read one of the 4 Gospels that begin the New Testament part of the Bible. We run Simply Christianity groups that read through Luke’s gospel, and answer questions and discuss the significance of Jesus. We invite you to get in touch and join in.

Essential_Jesus_smallOr you can read it for yourself. Contact us for a copy of The Essential Jesus – a FREE accessible, modern, Australian translation of Luke’s Gospel, laid out in an easy-to-read format.

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