Food Drive 18 June 2017


Every year we donate and collect from the wider community items to be distributed to families in need. In conjunction with churches at Cherrybrook and Glenhaven, we encourage generosity for those who struggle to make ends meet. Over 30,000 items are usually donated, including tins, meals, cereals, baby products and other household products.


How does it work?


In the weeks leading up to the big weekend, various teams of volunteers will start promoting the event around the community. Red collection bins are placed in primary and pre-schools (and this year Northholm too!). In the week before bags and instruction leaflets are dropped off at all the houses where we will door-knock.


On Saturday


Supermarkets teams are present at Woolworths Round Corner and Glenorie and IGAs at Dural and Galston.


On Sunday


8am Service at St Judes as usual


9:30am short service


Around 10:30 teams head out to door knock, packing team gets cracking downstairs at church.


Supermarket teams continue at the same locations as Saturday.

 1pm Lunch

Drivers continue to ferry donated items throughout the day from door-knockers and supermarkets back to church.

Around 4pm afternoon tea is served for those who need to put their feet up

4:30pm Time to Say ‘Well done!’

We gather downstairs in the midst of the boxes to share encouraging stories and say, “Well done.”

An Anglicare representative will ‘receive’ the items.

5pm ish We pack the truck! All the items gathered are put onto the Hargraves Nursery truck – thanks Ken and Sue!


How Can I Be Involved?

Please contact us in the office to discuss which team you’d like to help with and where there is a need for more hands.

Teams are:

Supermarkets – Saturday and Sunday

Leaflet dropping – the week beforehand

School pick ups – the Friday beforehand

Door-knocking – Sunday



Lunch and Afternoon tea – Sunday

Truck unloading – Monday after